Pole vaulter looks to have successful season

By Sebastian Bartlett | Web Designer

Junior athlete Mareyna Karlin demonstrates a strong will to succeed. Karlin is third-year varsity pole-vaulter with high aspirations.

“My senior year I want to win state and break the school record,” Karlin said. With the current school record at 12-9 ¾, this is no small task.

Karlin began her freshman year with a personal best of 8-6, quickly surpassing her previous record at a 30-team invitational in Klamath Falls. Karlin placed first with a height of 10 feet and later took the district title with this same height and qualified for the state meet at Hayward Field.

While competing at the University of Oregon may be a daunting task for most young athletes, this did not keep Karlin from placing fifth with another personal record of 10-6, her current best.

“Competing at Hayward Field in front of 10,000 people can be intimidating for even collegiate and international athletes,” track and field coach Mac McIntosh said. “It takes a special kind of talent for a freshman to compete well on this huge stage.”

Karlin did not qualify for state her sophomore year and said the season did not go as well as she had hoped.

“It was a pretty bad year,” Karlin said. “I just had a rough time with it.”

Karlin is anticipating a much better season this year. She wants to clear the 11 foot mark in pole vault and perhaps try a few other events.

Karlin wishes to pursue vaulting in college. Some collegiate options she is considering include Stanford and Washington State, as well as the Air Force Academy.

“If she continues to apply herself, I believe she can compete for admission to these kinds of schools and compete at the NCAA level,” MacIntosh said.

Karlin wants to pursue a career in the medical field after attending college.

“I recently got to shadow an ER doctor, and I really liked the environment because it was like organized chaos,” Karlin said.

McIntosh said Karlin is a valuable teammate.

“She brings a quiet enthusiasm and genuine support for other teammates to the team,” McIntosh said. “She is a leader in the classroom and on the track.”