Senior pranks gone too far

By Frank Montenegro | Distribution Manager

From keying cars in a rival school’s parking lot to chopping down a tree on campus, pranks on the whole have been going too far in recent years. For reasons unknown, teens are finding the idea of destroying school property attractive. This behavior ruins the fun of pranks for everyone else who would execute them responsibly. Pranks can be fun and harmless, but when it involves damaging school property, it becomes less of a prank and more of an act of vandalism.

There are many fun high school pranks that do not involve damaging school property. Every year, North Bend High School seniors drive around the circle near Pirate Hall, honking their horns and yelling. Additionally, the MHS class of 2011 planted flowers that spelled “Seniors 2011” in front of the main building at MHS. These are fun, harmless school pranks that classes have done that did not cause anyone any harm, and the administration does not have any reason to be angry at their occurrence.

Many destructive pranks, however, leave behind a mess that must be cleaned up. In many cases, this means the custodians of the high school must deal with the mess. One prank that occurred this year involved pennies being glued to the locks of the doors, creating more work than was necessary. Custodians had to remove the locks from every door and dip them in acetone to loosen the glue. Some of the locks were so trashed they had to be replaced. Not only was this a waste of time for the custodians, it also cost the school money. After all of the changes in the last year meant to conserve money, it is ridiculous and frustrating that more money must be wasted on locks.

In October, before the lock incident, a tree planted by the classes of 2000-2003 was cut down, and some believe it to also be a senior prank. If it were indeed a senior prank, why would someone want to go that far? Gluing pennies to locks might seem fun if one forgets the hassle it causes others, but the effects of cutting down a tree on campus are clear. That is too much work involved for something so pointless. The worst part, however, was how some students seemed to be proud of this event, dubbing it, “bad ass.” There is nothing cool about something that causes such harm.

Whatever the reason for doing them may be, these types of pranks need to come to an end. The senior class is not the only class at Marshfield, and their actions should not so negatively affect all of the classes to come after them.