Varsity Volleyball Diet

By Frank Montenegro | Distribution Manager
A new year means new sacrifices for the MHS varsity volleyball team. During Butler camp in August, the team decided that it was crucial to make commitments. One of these commitments was a strict diet. The diet primarily consists of cutting out fast food, fried food and soda.

Junior captain Alicia Hatzel feels that the team diet is an important and honorable commitment.

“It’s good for the team. In order for us to meet our goals, it’s important to make sacrifices in order to achieve them,” Hatzel said.

Hatzel said the consequences for breaking the dietary rules are severe.

“If you break the rules, you will have to run stair laps, but these aren’t just ordinary stair laps,” Hatzel said. “These are a special stair lap, which is equivalent of running five stair laps.”

Senior captain Kara Young finds it difficult to stick to the diet at times, but the rewards outweigh the drawbacks.

“It kind of sucks sometimes because you just want to eat something quick instead of making it, but it’s good for us,” Young said. “I noticed that my self-esteem is up, so when I run I don’t feel as tired as I would usually. I make lunches every day, which consist of a sandwich, some chips, fruits, crackers and juice.”

Head coach Tammie Montiel believes that the extra pressure of the diet is positively contributing to the girls’ performance on the court; however, it is not the sole reason for their athleticism this season.

“It’s good that they have committed themselves to perform to their fullest potential for the team,” Montiel said. “This year’s team is in better shape than others in the past, but it’s a combination of conditioning as well as the diet.”

Senior Ashton Morgan was injured shortly after the start of the season due to a torn  meniscus and was no longer required to adhere to the diet since she was not able to play. According to Morgan, she did not feel any benefits while on the diet.

“When I was doing the diet, I didn’t really see a difference in my performance,” Morgan said. “I would understand if they forbid fast food on a game day or the day before game day but I don’t see a point on doing it all the time because we’re young and our bodies recuperate all the time.”

However although Morgan is not playing she is still supportive of the teams’ diet.

“Even though my season is over, I wish the best to our girls,” Morgan said.