Health Center constructs new facility on Marshfield campus for students

Marshfield boasts 14 new staff members this year in a variety of positions that range from teachers to secretaries and even a new student resource officer.

Principal Travis Howard said the number of staff members has remained relatively similar over the years, even with the new additions.

By Audrey Webster | Reporter

New construction will bring a modern health clinic to the Marshfield campus to serve students. The building is scheduled to be completed April 13, 2012, after construction began in mid-July. The local Waterfall Clinic has been working with the School Based Health Center to build this new facility.  The Waterfall Clinic has been supplying the health center with their supplies since the Center got started in 2001.

The health center’s current location is in the office of the Harding Learning Center, where it has been for the past 10 years. According to School Based Health Center nurse Shannon Weybright, it has been difficult to work in such a small area and schedule all of the services available to students. It consists of a small examination room and office area. The new building will have six examination rooms, a lab area, dental exam room, and a procedure room.

“Harding area is so small. It’s not big enough for the entire district,” said School Based Health Center nurse Shannon Weybright.  “Harding has always been temporary.”

The health center offers assistance to any student who does not have insurance or a doctor they can consult. Medical practitioners are ready for quick drop-ins to provide anything that students cannot receive from a school nurse. There is no appointment necessary for medical attention, but access to a counselor requires a scheduled meeting.

“It’s a place for students to go to see a health professional,” said counselor Doug Miles.

Students under the age of 15 need a guardian’s permission before receiving any medical treatment. A note or a phone call from that guardian is acceptable. When a student is over 15, it is preferred they talk to their guardians before making any big medical decisions.

The main focus of the health center in to promote healthy living. Eating right and staying active are both good habits medical practitioners advocate to students. According to Weybright good living habits lead to less time out of school and more time working at becoming a better student academically.

“Less time out of class means better grades which make it more likely for that students to graduate,” said Weybright

The center is open to both students and the community. The S. 11th street location will provide access to a doctor for the public and an entrance near the school for students. Services will be the same for both students and the community.

Many different kinds of health professionals will be available at the Health Center, dentists, nurses and doctors. They will be there Monday 9am-2:30pm, Wednesday 7:30am-5:30pm and Thursday 9:30am-3pm. The hours are the same for both students and the public.

“I’m really excited for the new building,” said Weybright, “I’ve been waiting ten years.”