Why leaders are vital today

Leader or follower. Two big words that mean two very big things. What is a leader? What is a follower? Why would one be more important than another?

In today’s society, stereotypes are a big part. Whether we like it or not, people like telling others who they are supposed to be or how they are supposed to act. The biggest stereotype in today’s society is being a leader or a follower.

What makes a leader or a follower you may ask, well that depends on who you are talking to. To me, a leader is someone who is not afraid to take a stand. A leader is someone who is not afraid to be themselves and are not afraid to stand up for themselves and others. A follower is someone who is a supporter.  A follower is someone who would rather stay in the shadows than stand up for themselves. A follower is someone who is humble and is fine with not being in the spotlight. Both are very important in society, though lately it seems that more people have become followers or are being pushed into the stereotype of a follower. I believe this is because people are afraid to stand up for themselves and be different. They are afraid that they will be rejected by society and they won’t fit in. Most people are so focused on fitting in that they forget who they really are. We campaign so much on equality for all and never be afraid to be yourself, when more and more  people’s real selves are said to not be acceptable enough for society’s standards. Then that person’s individuality is lost and they become just another follower.

In this day and age leaders are needed, in fact they are vital. What is society without any leaders? Leaders are important because they express views that other people can be too scared to share or say. They are the ones that can take charge when the rest of the world seems to be in chaos. Without leaders, society would fall apart at the seams.

However, followers are just as important. They help support the leaders when they are scared to stand up for themselves and put themselves out there.