Former Marshfield students make-up post hardcore band Apollo.

Apollo, shown above, includes Anthony Hatzel, Sam Duell, Tyler Mansfield, Luke Sanchez and Justin Sweet.


By Jonathan Mapilisan | Artist


As the lights go down an echoing chord fills the air. The tempo begins to pick up to the clapping of drumsticks. Suddenly, the room erupts in a volley of music as the song begins. Local fans erupt into cheering and applause for their hometown band Apollo.

The Green Spot in downtown Coos Bay hosted Apollo’s most recent concert. The show’s proceeds helped support the Mr. MHS Pageant, an annual program at Marshfield that supplies food for those in need throughout the community.

Alex Heinrich, a senior at Marshfield and Apollo fan, attended the event.

“I’m friends with the band members and I’m pretty stoked to see how far they’ve come,” said Heinrich.

From their beginning in 2010, shortly after the members graduated Marshfield High School, the band Apollo has released a self-titled EP, performed at the Vans Warped Tour and is on their way to releasing a brand new full-length album.

Apollo consists of Tyler Mansfield on lead vocals, Anthony Hatzel on drums and vocals, Justin Sweet and Sam Duell on guitar and vocals, and Luke Sanchez on bass. These members began in various other bands, but over time formed into the band they are today.

“We were all in several different bands in high school,” Sweet said. “They all sort of evolved and we just cycled through the members and came up with this line-up. Some people left to find jobs, go to college or just do nothing; but these were the people that were dedicated to the music.”

When it comes to making music, Apollo writes every song they play and each member participates in the process.

“Every song we make is a group effort,” Mansfield said. “A main idea’s usually fleshed out by one person, but everyone contributes.”

The members find their inspiration through many personal experiences in their own lives that could relate to their audience.

“As far as inspiration goes, we don’t sit down and write all our songs in a studio,” Duell said. “We write them over a period of time and I think it’s really what we’re dealing with at the time that goes into our music and is what other people can relate to.”

After releasing their first album, Apollo EP, Apollo began evolving their music into something they consider more unique.

“We feel like it [Apollo EP] is very immature compared to the music we’re making now,” Sweet said. “We’re holding ourselves to a much higher standard now.”

Apollo has finished creating their newest full-length album which the band said will be full of new tracks that offer a wide variety of songs for a broader range of audience. Although the album is finished, the band has said people should not expect its release any time soon.

“We want some business done with it and we’re looking for a company, if possible, and see if they’d like to promote it so that they can help us grow,” Hatzel said. “If that doesn’t work out we may look into releasing it ourselves within the next few months.”

Apollo performed at the Vans Warped Tour this past year after winning Battle of the Bands, an internet contest in which people vote for their favorite bands to perform. As far as future concerts, Apollo will be touring with another band this year’s end.

“We’ll be touring with a band called ‘Idol Hands’ that goes from here to Louisiana which is the farthest tour we’ve done so far,” Duell said. “It should last two to three weeks and we’re really excited for it.”

In the meantime, Apollo is enjoying their last few weeks in Coos Bay and the opportunity to help their hometown in venues such as the benefit concert for Mr. MHS.

“It was an awesome show and it was for an awesome cause,” Heinrich said.

The concert was specifically held to help Mr. MHS contestant Doug Molzahn. According to Molzahn, they raised roughly $760 total.

“The concert was a huge success and it was a lot of fun,” Molzahn said. “The atmosphere was crazy and there was a mosh pit going on that I wanted to join.”

Every Mr. MHS contestant is partnered with a senior girl, who in Molzahn’s case is Alicia Hatzel. Hatzel is the younger sister of Anthony Hatzel, Apollo’s drummer.

“We [the family] are really proud of him,” Hatzel said. “He’s talented and works really hard every day to do what he does.”

With the year coming to a close, the members of Apollo hope for a bright future ahead of them; a future of making a living from doing what they love.

“Thanks to everyone for coming out to our shows,” Mansfield said. “All your guys’ support helps us do what we do.”