Marshfield enthusiasm is lacking

Pirate Pride is on a steady decline, whether it is at an athletic event, a pep assembly, or in the hallways. Although it is rarely seen, some students still believe it to be important.

By Maddie Metzler | Artist

Whether it is in the halls or on the field, school spirit is an integral part of Marshfield High School. Lately, however, enthusiasm has been lacking at MHS. Pirate Pride is on the decline as empty seats linger at games, students roll their eyes at others for dressing up for Spirit week and pep assemblies are quiet with disinterested students.

Some students will say they do not have time to get involved, but it is not tough to be supportive. Busy schedule or not, showing spirit makes school more enjoyable and better for everyone. Sophomore Ashley Peters, who has a challenging academic schedule and is a member of the cheer and dance team, demonstrates this. Peters sees the importance of supporting fellow students despite her own commitments.

“It unifies our school. It brings everyone together,” Peters said. “When I don’t have dance practice, I go and support the volleyball girls in the student section.”

Students may also believe they need to go all out to show spirit, but this is not true. Occasionally attending a game or sporting purple and gold every now and then is just as good. School spirit does not have to take much effort. Getting out there and supporting Marshfield should not have to be a chore; rather, school spirit is about having fun and showing Pirate Pride. If students participate in any of these activities, they may find them enjoyable and even become more involved.

Enthusiasm and spirit have positive effects on the school environment. Even the most pessimistic people may have found something entertaining about the recent Spirit week. This year’s Associated Student Body, led by senior President Peyton Babb, is determined to make MHS a more positive and fun place to attend school.

“If you don’t have a positive atmosphere at your school, then why do you want to go to school?” Babb said.

Babb believes school spirit has a key role at MHS and said ASB spends most of its time and effort trying to create a more positive atmosphere.

Babb is right. Who wants to attend a school where very few support their own colors? Everyone needs to show some school spirit, whether it be clapping and standing up for the fight song or attending games. School spirit is not just about supporting one’s team, either. It is also about having fun and enjoying time at Marshfield. Feeling goofy and silly is what school spirit is all about, and students may as well make their high school years fun while supporting their school and team. Marshfield is in a dark age of budget cuts and lack of school spirit. We need a little more Pirate Pride in these musty hallways.