Jazz Band introduces potential musicians to other music styles

By Ashley Barbian | A&E Editor

A new music class is bringing jazz to aspiring musicians at Marshfield.

“The addition of this new beginning class is helpful because now we have time to teach and help the students master the basics of jazz band before moving through to the advanced group,” Band Director John Kruse said. “It also gives younger students a chance to stand out and have their time in the spotlight.”

Being a member of either the beginning or advanced jazz band classes entails participating in various activities, including playing in special events throughout the community such as their annual spring and winter concerts. They are also learning a different style of music than regular concert band classes do.

“Jazz band offers students a new look into many different styles or genres of music they may want to pursue post high school,” Kruse said.

According to freshman Tyler Yeager, the ability to move into jazz music at a beginning level seems beneficial to students.

“Jazz band has music that is more entertaining than regular band,” Yeager said.

Beginning jazz band helps prepare students for advanced jazz band by allowing them to learn the basics of the specific jazz style of music.

“The beginning jazz students seem to be very eager to master the craft,” Kruse said. “It is fun to work with them because they all show so much motivation to learn and to progress in the jazz genre of music.”

According to junior advanced jazz band member Chase Pickett, the beginning students show a motivation not seen in the advanced class.

“In the advanced class everyone is experienced,” Pickett said. “The beginning band members have a drive to gain the experience that the advanced class has.”

Members of the band agree the addition of this class will be beneficial to beginning level students. This class is open to students enrolled in grades eight through 12.

“There is a lot more you can learn with the smaller class size and beginning level,” Yeager said. “I’m glad that underclassmen finally have the chance to be at the top of the class.”