Hall of Fame immortalizes alumni

The Marshfield Hall of Fame has been recognizing the heritage of the school for thirteen years. Athletic Director and Vice Principal Greg Mulkey began the Hall of Fame and still has a part in running it.
“I started it thirteen years ago when I was the athletic director the first time around and I felt strong about it to continue and make sure we don’t lose sight on what it’s about,” Mulkey said. “I’m the one who has the microphone and talks about the inductees and I do their introductions.”
Mulkey said the Hall of Fame is very essential.
“It means a tremendous amount to me because I truly believe that the history of school, or even the history of anything is so important to those who come after one another and I just really believe that it’s important for us to maintain and honor the heritage of this school,” Mulkey said.
According to Mulkey, there are different ways to be inducted into the Hall of Fame and the inductees are selected by a committee.
“There’s certain criteria, there’s actually four different areas of people who can be inducted: an athlete, for their athletic ability, a booster member, someone who’s been a long-time booster member, a coach, because of what they have done for this high school, and then there could be just an employee, it could be a principal, superintendent, a teacher or really anybody who has done tremendous things for this high school,” Mulkey said. “There’s a committee that sits down every year and evaluates those who have not yet been inducted and may deserve to have been inducted.”
According to athletic secretary Sandy Reiber, inductees to the Hall of Fame receive a few things.
“They receive honorary recognition, but they physically receive a plaque that says something about themselves, and it will tell a story about why they’re in the Hall of Fame,” Reiber said.
According to Reiber, the Hall of Fame recognizes outstanding accomplishments people have made at Marshfield.
“I think in any organization, it’s always nice to reflect back on people who’ve done great things,” Reiber said. “I think that the reason of the Hall of Fame is to take the time to honor those who have done something outstanding, someone who has just supported this school and spent a lot of time, it’s somebody who did an outstanding job while they were here at Marshfield.”
Track and field coach Mac McIntosh was inducted into the Hall of Fame for his athletic achievements. According to McIntosh, later in life it is nice to receive recognition for accomplishments.
“When you’re in high school, the rest of your life is in front of you. But when you’re older and you’ve lived your life, you hope people recognize what you’ve done as a young person,” McIntosh said.
According to McIntosh, being recognized by the Hall of Fame meant a lot to him.
“The Hall of Fame is public recognition that you did good and in some point in your life you’ve made a difference,” McIntosh said. “It was one of my greatest accomplishments of my life, it was an honor being recognized.”