Choir Quidditch



Real people playing a fictional game for a cause.
Quidditch is a fictional sport featured in the Harry Potter novels and movies. A Quidditch team consists of three chasers, two beaters, one keeper and one seeker. In the series, the chasers try to pass the Quaffle, a medium sized ball, through one of the three goal posts at the end of each field. The beaters try to keep the Bludgers, enchanted balls, from attacking the chasers, and the seeker tries to catch the Golden Snitch, earning 150 points and ending the game.

The choir’s first rendition of a Quidditch match will be held May 16 at 9 a.m., and will go on until the “snitch” is caught.

Choir instructor Allison Bassett said that Quidditch is like playing dodgeball, football and soccer all in one.

“It’s like a lot of sports in one,” Bassett said. “I’ve watched it being played, and it looks like a lot of fun.”

According to Bassett, anyone in grades 8-12 can sign up, as well as community members. The event will be taking place at Marshfield’s track and the area around it. Teams must be composed of eight members, and the sign-up forms can be found in the choir room. Completed forms are required to participate and are due on May 1. The entry fee is $16 per team, or $2 per team member. There will be a meeting about the event May 5 in the choir room at lunch.

“Come and have fun, support the choir,” Bassett said.

All funds will go towards the first annual Marshfield Choir Camp held at Camp Myrtlewood this summer.

Junior Hannah Delgado, a member of Concert Choir and New Horizons was on board with the spontaneous idea to raise money for the camp.

“It’s a fundraiser that will be fun for everyone,” Delgado said.

For more information about the event or the official Quidditch rules, visit www.marshfield, or ask any choir student, or Allison Bassett.

“It’s not entirely dorky,” Delgado said. “It’s a cool experience where you could have all types of people come and be together.”